Our History

The story of Dobrá Tea begins in Prague during the last few years of Communism, where as a group of young tea lovers began meeting to sample rare Indian, Chinese and Japanese teas smuggled into Czechoslovakia. Because of a shortage of foreign currency, high quality teas were then available exclusively to the Party, State and Military elite.

Then came the “Velvet Revolution” and the Fall of Communism in 1989. In 1992, “The Society of Tea Devotees,” was formed and the following year our first Bohemian-style tearoom, Dobrá Čajovna, opened in Prague. The Čajovna (tearoom) became a shelter, a place for safety, where like minded individuals could gather and taste the world of tea. Much success blossomed with Dobrá’s idea and the company began to spread its tea concept to many small towns throughout Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. In 2003 Dobrá Tea opened its first U.S. tearoom in Burlington, VT and years followed to Madison, WI in 2008. Additional tearooms come to be as new owners look to make the connection with tea, farmers, and producers through Dobrá Tea’s traditions.

Traveling to tea growing countries annually, we have gone to great distances to source all of our teas directly from their regions of origin. Our Tea menu is arranged by country, and each tea tells its own story based on our travels and experience with each variety.

Tea with Vision

Since we opened the first tea room, we have made more than 50 tea trips. We visited hundreds of tea plantations, wild gardens, monstrous factories, or tea markets where local people thought they were the center of the world. We have met hundreds and perhaps thousands of people for whom tea is a source of livelihood – from the most common to those for whom tea has provided more than a decent livelihood. Time spent on our tea study trips has been time kept in separation from our families. The tea trips have become part of our being, as well as gradually becoming part of the work of tea tradesmen from Dobra Tea Rooms, whom we started to invite and take on our trips.

The variety of our teas is, therefore, absolutely unique. You will find teas that you cannot buy in other tearooms. These are the master teas that originated in the hands of the people, and were intended for local exchange trade only. There are the teas that we have included in our catalog with the intention to help people in need. In our exclusive offerings, you can also purchase teas through which you will support our idea of ​​helping a sustainable way of farming and preserving biodiversity in tea regions. If we had not created our personal contacts during these adventurous tea trips, we  would not even know about the existence of these teas.

The tearoom gives us the opportunity to share our passion of tea and culture with the Asheville community. You may find the tearoom is something between a church or a pub. Many see it a place where they can relax easily, engage in good conversation or meet a loved one for the first time.

Dobrá Tea is a focus, a center; a space where balance is sought. A place which is always there to even out the impacts of external influences; cultural, social, communal, religious, international etc. and internal ones; peoples’ individuality, their spiritual leanings, moods etc.

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