Travel Diaries – India

Tea Auction Kolkata 1995 First tea trip to the roots of tea in 1995. Founders of the company visited Calcutta and established direct connections to the Tea Auction in India.

Water Tasting Darjeeling 2006

During our next visit in Darjeeling we tasted in Planters Club different kinds of water we brought from Europe and the USA. Mr. Ravi Kidwai as the proffesional tea taster of JR Thomas Group had to accept that spring water from Europe or drinking water from Lake Champlain (Vermont) are more suitable for Darjeeling Tea than local water. 🙂

Tasting Darjeeling 2006

Tea tasting of fresh tea samples during our visit in Gopaldhara tea Estate.

India Darjeeling 2006

Thurbo Tea Estate is one of favorite ones.

Darjeeling 2006

Tea plucking in Darjeeling area.

Assam 2006

Tea trip to Assam in 2006.

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