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From the very first moment of our entry into the market, we have been asked if it is possible to open a Dobra Tea Room in the form of a license or if we provide any consulting. Yes, these options are open and possible. However, it is necessary to remember that the Dobra Tea Room is not just a refreshment stand. It’s also not a clubroom where it’s possible to spend days doing nothing. The Dobra Tea Room should be a space that inherently motivates and encourages activity, but not hastiness and superficiality. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that each of our licensees realizes that several things will be expected from them, such as:

– Love for tea and the tea culture

– Gastronomic operation experience

– Ability to lead a small team

– Openness to new trends and approaches

– Joy of traveling and learning about new cultures

– Basic financial equipment (the cost of equipment for one tea room ranges between 50–100 thousand USD)

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